Ahmed Chawki


A warm welcome to every single music fan on the planet who happened to come across my website! How are you doing, guys? I hope you’re doing well.

My name is Ahmed Chawki. All my awesome fans call me Chawki, because it’s kind of short and catchy, you know. I was born on May 31th, 1982 in a small city called Tetouan north of Morocco. It’s a really beautiful city, so I’d recommend you visit it one day. You’re going to love it!

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fond of singing and writing poems. One of my female teachers in high school used to call my name in a very sophisticated manner that made me wonder why. A few days later, I realized that one of the greatest Arab poets that ever lived was also named Ahmed Chawki. It was at that moment, I knew I had to do whatever it took to pursue an art-related career, specifically music, despite the fact that back then, I didn’t know what the law of attraction really meant.

I used to sing and hum wherever I’m at, thinking that it’s a self-pleasure thing. But as soon as I graduated from high school, I knew I had to start focusing on something bigger; something the public could hear, enjoy and relate to. I thought to myself, “I was named Ahmed Chawki for a reason.” So paying homage to my beautiful city Tetouan, whose emblem is a white dove, I named my band “La Paloma” which means “The Dove” back in 2000. Even though we weren’t noticed by record labels at the time, it was a good start. A few years later, after a modest local success, each band member decided to follow their path separately, but we kept in touch in case of a future collaboration. RedOne and I were acquaintances back then, but that was all.

In 2013, I couldn’t believe when RedOne called me, saying there was a project called “Bukra” which means “Tomorrow”. Imagine one of the most successful producers at the time asking me to coach many very well-known Arab artists. And what took my breath away was the fact that the legendary Quincy Jones was there. Was I dreaming or what? After all, miracles do happen.

Later that year, I closed my eyes and opened them, and suddenly, here I was, singing a peppy song featuring Pitbull which became a big hit during the summer. It’s called “Habibi I love you”. I know you’re singing it right now, just admit it, haha!
Although at that time, I was so nervous that the song wouldn’t make it to the top, you know. Sometimes, confidence and hard work are not enough. Without the fans’ admiration and approval, nothing can be accomplished, especially when it comes to show business. So thanks to everyone for the love and support!

The harder I worked, the luckier I became. After “Habibi I love you”, things have started to get really interesting. Your hard work pays off when you don’t give up no matter what. Also, never ever think that you won’t make it  to the top because of your circumstances. Most people started from the bottom. Here’s a list of my other successful songs:

  • “Ana Bahwak” (in Arabic:  أنا بهواك)(in English: I adore you)
  • “Come Alive” (with RedOne)
  • “Time Of Our Lives”.
  • “Kayna Wla Makaynach” (in Arabic: كاينة ولا ماكيناش)(in English: Isn’t that right?)
  • “It’s My Life (Don’t Worry)” (with  Dr. Alban)