International festival of Ifrane: Ahmed Chawki does his show!

Last day of festival at Ifrane, Ahmed Chawki bluffed us all with his show in the American way. We tell you everything about this unforgettable concert!

A performance worthy of American shows.

That night, the singer known worldwide thanks to his generous register since he sings in English and works with famous people like Pitbull and RedOne –who is his producer-, showed us that he is also a real performer. Actually, the author of “Tsunami” gave it all that night by providing a show in the American way.
Dancers move making everyone feel they desire to move too, a decoration composed of two sofas, choreographies that follow each other over the songs that Ahmed Chawki performs in front of an audience that keeps asking for more.
“Tonight I want a Tsunami love”
Before singing his last success “Tsunami Love” the singer first preferred to perform -with the complicity of his DJ- the titles that made him known. From “Habibi I love you” to “The time of our lives” all his titles were sung for the greatest happiness of the audience.
But that was only an appetizer to keep his fans waiting for “Tsunami” his latest success, which literally caused the crowd to wake up that evening.